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Get the most out of Oko packaging!
In order to serve you better, below are some frequently asked questions which may help clarify any queries you may have.
If none of the below are related to your question feel free to email or call us so we can get them answered quickly.

How easy is it to assembly Oko boxes?2020-09-02T13:29:48+00:00

Making sure Oko is easy to assembly and use has been a big part of our development.

What is PLA water barrier?2020-09-02T13:30:02+00:00

Oko packaging is an Earth friendly, 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging that can replace single use plastics. Our Patented 2 & 3 PLY V-Strong flute is coated with PLA (Plant based polymer) which provides watertight and food friendly boxes. PLA biodegrades and composts by 180 days when weathered.

Why are you using PE water barrier until January 2019?2020-09-02T13:30:26+00:00

Due to PLA being a relatively new product our suppliers need to catch up with the demand.
Therefore until January we are unable to get a reliable and consistent supply of PLA.

Before January 2019 Oko boxes will be coated with a 15 micro thick food friendly PE internal and thereafter with a PLA (plant based polymer) water barrier which is 100% earth and food friendly.
We apologies for the delay.

How much? Do you have a price list?2020-09-02T13:30:42+00:00

Although we have our manufacturing plant and offices based in Bangalore we sell Oko through our online platform.
Visit our shop for prices or get in contact if you require a custom based solution.

How quickly will my Oko boxes arrive?2020-09-02T13:30:55+00:00

Well that depends! We generally dispatch between 7-10 working days and there after the time will depend on shipping.
We use quick shipping methods but if you would like a refined delivery date drop us an email.

How can I be a distributor?2020-09-02T13:31:08+00:00

We welcome new members who are keen to advance our Oko products. Fill out our distributor form and we will get back to you.

Does Oko have better insulation?2020-09-02T13:31:19+00:00

Yes, up to 3 x better insulation,  which means your customers will receive hotter food and drinks, less complaints, better delivery and happier customers.

Why should I change my packaging to Oko?2020-09-02T13:31:38+00:00
  • Plastic is poisoning our oceans, water supply and land. We only have one earth and collectively as countries and communities we should take that seriously.
  • Oko has better insulation.
  • Oko looks more premium and eye catching.
  • Oko is microwavable.
  • Oko is very strong with V flue technology.
  • Oko is price competitive.
  • Oko branding and color options which are not always available in plastic.
  • Oko tells your customers you actually care about the planet.
Will Oko boxes leak?2020-09-02T13:31:58+00:00

No, Oko boxes don’t leak, with our unique internal biodegradable food friendly water barrier, Our layer pad system stop spills also.

How long does it take to compost?2020-09-02T13:32:13+00:00

Oko boxes compost within 180 days.

How is it better than paper containers?2020-09-02T13:32:30+00:00

Oko has better strength, insolation and eco properties.

What temperature does it withstand?2020-09-02T13:32:43+00:00

100 degrees C.

Why are Oko boxes more costly?2020-09-02T13:33:04+00:00

We use only the safest human and earth friendly materials. Our environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are state of the art. Consequently our costs are higher than other manufacturers.

Do you have small containers (70ml) for liquids?2020-09-02T13:33:21+00:00

The smallest size is 300ml, join our Oko newsletter to keep up to date on new box sizes.

Are Oko products air tight?2020-09-02T13:33:27+00:00

No not currently, soon maybe. Follow us, get frequently updated.

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