Evirocor was established in 2014 to manufacture a unique type of packaging material utilizing worldwide patented processes designed & developed in-house. The new sustainable packaging material, we have called Oko, is food-friendly, 100% biodegradable, home compostable, and recyclable. Oko is replacing all types of single-use plastics and aluminium food containers. We have also developed an earth-friendly range of e-commerce tamper-proof mailers we call Oko SafePouch.

Our manufacturing technology creates a strong semi-flexible packaging material which is coated with a watertight plant-based, food-friendly barrier. Our flexible bio-material is superior to many conventional materials in terms of shelf life, durability, sealing strength, insulation properties, and recyclability.

We are setting the pace in sustainable manufacturing of nature-friendly packaging. Our system of production of our material is unique in terms of our CO2 reduction and sustainable raw material supply. Our use of production systems that require no heat input reduces CO2 emissions by up to 97% to comparative material. Our technologies & systems producing our Oko material have been 15 years in the design & development process. We first started manufacturing in India to take advantage of the very bold decision taken by the Indian government to ban single-use plastics. At that time and until very recently the UK & Europe had committed only to eliminate a few single-use plastic items such as plastic straws and earbuds. We saw India as the ideal place to start our production.



  • Vision – Evirocor’s goal is to change the rigid mindset from “take-make-waste” to a circular perspective that is “multi-life-cycle”. Evirocor’s team is dedicated and committed to reduce the heavy burden of plastics pollution. The same is being done to augment the use in unrecovered waste streams for assets such as materials, energy, products, and lifecycle. The company has embraced a vision and a call to action to ” Beat Plastic Pollution & reduce CO2” through green packaging awareness programs and technologies.


Our Cortec-Revolution system produces the material used in the production of our Oko products. Through our patented technologies and designs which require NO HEAT, we reduce CO2 emissions for each tonne of Evicocor’s Oko material by up to 97% compared with alterative materials.

Discover The Future Of Packaging

Our flexible e-board food packaging is more like an orange peel that returns back to nature immediately after its use. Evirocor technology is all about making the promise of bio and recyclable materials real, based on deep technology innovation and multiple patents. We envision packaging that can be returned back to nature or easily recycled after it is used.

Cortec-Revolution manufacture our Oko materials

Plant-based materials coating system

Wide range of earth-friendly Oko products

CO2 reduction & working with nature


V-Strong Flute



One of the many unique features of Cortec-Revolution is that it produces a V-shaped fluted structure we call V-Strong Flute which is incorporated into our Oko material. The fluted structure adds strength and rigidity to Oko packaging and has built-in hygiene advantages which minimize person to person transmission risk area when handling, by up to 80% compared to flat surfaced materials.



Evirocor has taken part in the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo in London Excel. We were delighted to win an innovation award for our sustainable Oko products. Oko is a celebration of the product which has truly pushed the boundaries of sustainable design & service.


We comply with all applicable laws, regulations, agreements and contracts in all locations where we operate. We strive for continual improvement in our business, innovation and technology activities. We are committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees, customers and suppliers and we always ensure our employees are well trained and always operate with their own safety and the safety of others.